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An excerpt from the back cover of Longitude and Latitude, with Attitude: One Man’s Quest to See the Entire World

“Rufus McGaugh knew early on that he wanted to see the world--all of it. And, later on, he did just that.
Longitude and Latitude with Attitude: One Man’s Quest to See the Entire World chronicles Rufus’s 49 years of travel around the globe to every country in the world. It relates his experiences, both harrowing and humorous, in entertaining and amusing (sometimes even instructive!) vignettes.
Rufus, a Vietnam vet who was awarded the Purple Heart in 1970, got a college degree, and taught social studies at Brownell Middle school in the affluent Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe for 39 years. During that time--and before and after--he spent his summers, vacations, and retirement fulfilling a life-long dream to travel to every corner of the Earth. He has visited countries near and far, well-known and obscure (including the closed regimes of North Korea, Iraq, Somalia, Cuba, Burundi, and Libya). He has met interesting people, seen fascinating sights, and observed unusual events.
He has been hassled by the authorities in Russia (twice in one day). He was arrested, thrown into a prison--and later stalked by a leopard--in Zimbabwe. He met Miss America (well, Miss South Carolina) in Vietnam, outfoxed (or so he thought) a tailor in Hong Kong, and broke both arms bicycling in Cuba.
Longitude and Latitude with Attitude is the unpretentious, often comic, and frequently informative chronicle of these and other adventures and misadventures he experienced on his journeys. Other wanderers like him--and armchair travelers everywhere--will be captivated by it. The lively writing is supplemented by more than 50 pictures that inveterate photographer Rufus has taken in the course of his trips.”

About the author:

Rufus (Don) McGaugh Marine Veteran, earning a purple heart in service and moving to teach social studies in his later years, traveling the world at the same time for both his own benefit and the benefit of his students. I was in the Marines 1969-71: Vietnam 1970-71 in both the Que Son Valley and the Que Son Mts. I was wounded in December of 1970.