Submitted by: Charles Keith

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A significant portion of the American population seems to know more about the latest activities of England's royal family or the fame of our current Hollywood celebrities than they do about their American brothers and sisters who have worked, suffered and even died for them. This book is an attempt to remedy that fact. The book begins with the stories of just some of our heroes. These are real people representing all of the races, religious groups and genders present in our population.

About the author:

The author graduated from high school in 1959 and two days later was in Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego. After four and one half years in the regulars, he continued serving in the reserves for an additional 15 years, half of which were active. The other half were inactive. After returning home, he married and attended college and eventually became a teacher of English as a Second Language. In that capacity he had the opportunity to teach abroad in a number of foreign countries. These experiences, along with one summer as an exchange student in Germany at the age of 15 provided the author with an appreciation of our country and its successes. That is in spite of our problems. The German experience was in 1957 and was a defining moment in the trip toward adulthood.