Submitted by: Timothy Jones

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“God saved my life in Vietnam. Before Vietnam, I lived a purposeless life caring only about fun, booze and women....But why did He save me? What was He saving me for? Looking back, I now accept my encounter with death in Vietnam as one of many…major transitions in my life when God interceded to guide me...a spiritual marker that would lay the groundwork for all that would follow.”

About the author:

Timothy Jones is a disabled veteran from the Vietnam War era who, by the saving Grace of God overcame his disabilities, obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees, and completed a 30-year career in the “helping field.” Along the way, Timothy worked for four governors and the president of the United States. He helped to improve the lives of countless individuals and left a lasting legacy in the improvement of programs in state and federal public safety organizations. Timothy’s plea for his life while he lay dying from a landmine explosion in Vietnam, and his vow to God to devote his life to helping mankind, is demonstrated throughout Timothy’s career and is brought to life in his memoir, “My Spiritual Markers.” Today, Timothy is retired and lives with his wife Carolyn in a quiet community just south of Atlanta.