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Hellgate Press, located in Ashland, Ore., announced yesterday that Steven Craig's book "All Present and Accounted For" was the No. 1 seller for the publisher in the last 18 months. The book outlines the story of the grounding and near-sinking of the Coast Guard cutter Jarvis near Dutch Island, Alaska, in November 1972 and the heroic efforts that saved the ship. The book has won numerous awards, including a silver medal from the Military Writers Society of America.

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L&R Publishing/Hellgate Press
PO Box 3531
Ashland, OR 97520

About the author:

Steven Craig is a retired U.S. Coast Guard captain (USCGR) and resides in Centralia, Wash., where he also a member of the local Centralia chapter. He has over 38 years of active duty and reserve service with the Coast Guard and is a retired postmaster, having worked in Oakville, Wash., and Tokeland, Wash. After the USPS retirement, he held a variety of emergency management positions with county, state, college and Coast Guard; he has also worked as a short-term emergency management professor in Italy. In the Coast Guard Reserve, he was recalled 13 times for various disasters including Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Deepwater Horizon, Haiti port recovery, and maritime planner for the 2011 APEC conference in Honolulu.