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Recently I became aware of water contamination issues at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH), Hawaii. For six months I investigated and researched the events surrounding the JBPHH occurrence. Contaminated drinking water still flows from a highly toxic aquifer. The JBPHH tragedy will eventually turn out to be every bit as sickening and deadly as the Camp Lejeune mess.
Two years ago, I wrote and published “Deadly SNAFU, Marine Base Camp Lejeune.” It tells of toxic water, lies, gross mismanagement, and the poisoning of about a million Marines, sailors and their families. In the mid-1980s the Navy and Marine Corps leadership became aware of the water contamination issues and closed the wells, but continued their deceit by hiding the amount of fuel, an estimated 1.1 million gallons, that had leaked for another 25 years.
“Deadly SNAFU” is now updated to include information about JBPHH’s lethal aquifer. The similarities between the two tragedies cannot be ignored. The book is available through Amazon in both Kindle (eBook) and paperback formats.
Thank you for your support in helping to get the word out to our military families.

About the author:

George Swimmer is a retired certified public accountant who as a Marine was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the mid-1960s. His non-fiction book "Deadly SNAFU," like his first book "Railroad Collisions, A Deadly Story of Mismanaged Risk," has been highly acclaimed and well-reviewed.