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As a former counterintelligence agent, David spent years working in the shadows with Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), gathering intelligence and protecting our nation's most critical secrets from foreign adversaries. In this memoir, David pulls back the curtain on this shadowy world, sharing personal experiences and insights into the high-stakes game of espionage during the global war on terror.

From the intense training and preparation required to become a counterintelligence agent to the complex and often dangerous operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, David's story offers a first-hand account of the unique challenges and rewards of this field.

But his story is not just about war missions or the secrets protected. It's also a tale of personal growth and self-discovery as he navigated the complexities of life as a spy while maintaining relationships with family and loved ones.

About the author:

David A. Grantham, Ph.D., is the author of Consequences: An Intelligence Officer's War, a law enforcement officer and an adjunct professor of history. Grantham is a leading expert in national security matters and international affairs. He is a nationally renowned intelligence professional, having served in various positions on the federal and local levels. You can follow him and his work at