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When an Air Force General suddenly disappears and an ensuing search breaks out in Washington, D.C., it doesn’t take long for Air Force OSI Special Agent Leo Rossi and FBI Special Agent Marcy Phillips to realize that there’s something far more sinister going on than anyone believes possible. . .

After the Pentagon finds the body of a dead female lieutenant near the Drone Technology Office, followed-by a shocking loss of classified information and a mysterious building fire, the federal law enforcement team stops at nothing to determine the alarming chain of events, capped off with the disappearance of the well-known and highly respected General. The political pressure to answer whether the general is still alive is roaring with intensity as people want answers. Now.

While hustling to connect the evidence surrounding the suspicious events, Leo Rossi and Marcy Phillips are convinced that the string of seemingly random events is anything but. Coroner reports, political and foreign interference, and a surprise ex-spouse all lead the duo down a trail few others are willing to follow—painting a different picture of the man who suddenly vanished in broad daylight.

With zero time to waste and an evil conspiracy beginning to take shape behind the scenes, Rossi and Phillips must utilize every tool in the national security toolbox in hopes of penetrating and exposing a secret and powerful social circle that few people even know exist before it’s too late.

"If you are not already reading Colby’s stuff, start. Somewhere between Dale Brown and early Ward Larsen books, Colby’s series is fresh, original, and plotted in such a way that each book is impossible to set down." -The Real Book Spy

“Colby writes with the authority of someone who has “been there…done that.” — Wall Street Journal Bestselling Thriller Author Jeffrey Wilson, Co-Author of the Tier One Thriller Series

About the author:

Lawrence A. Colby is the bestselling author of The Devil Dragon Pilot, The Black Scorpion Pilot and The Buffalo Pilot. His books are published in over 12 countries and are enjoyed from the US and United Kingdom to India and beyond. Writing from years of military cockpit experience and over five years at the Pentagon as a military assistant provided Colby with an extensive understanding of combat tactics, government policies and power–knowledge he uses to add political as well as military realism to his fast-paced military adventure thrillers. A graduate of both the US Navy and US Air Force Flight Training Programs, Colby is part of a select group of pilots qualified to fly jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Lawrence had degrees and certificates in history, strategy, leadership, and aviation safety. He previously served as a civilian in the U.S. Intelligence Community. Lawrence lives in the Washington, DC area with his family and can be followed on Instagram and Twitter at @AuthorLAColby and