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Ben Raymond is a complex man living in Minneapolis. A psychologist, Ben served as a military interrogator in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now a struggling author. Returning from war, his marriage disintegrated. Suddenly, his home mysteriously burns down. Was the fire attempted murder or an accident? How will Ben overcome losing everything?

Learning the rebuild will take a year, Ben decides to live with 12 different friends for one month each. Throughout the year, he faces shocking revelations and bone-shaking obstacles. Each chapter is a unique story that develops around his unpredictable life. He has learned that single events can change life forever. A chance meeting with a woman throws Ben in a tailspin. There are no warnings, no heads up, leaving him without preparation. Coping becomes the priority as he continues to write his book. Ben Raymond is an author living in the plot that he is writing. Throughout the year, Ben's journey engages relationships with army veterans, old lovers and friends that expose every human emotion.

At the crossroads, Ben faces up to the person he was and the person he wants to be. The reader will be challenged to take the emotional journey with Ben as he tries to understand why he is alone and his need to be able to answer the thought-provoking questions and painful lessons that evolve month by month. Ben toils with his military experiences, marriage failure and family history. Will he face up to the person he was and wants to be?

Twelve Beds is a page turner that can't be put down.

Available on Amazon, Itasca Books, Barnes & Noble and Comma Bookshop in Minneapolis.

About the author:

David Knudson lives near the shores of Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis. His life career began as a political science instructor in Mexico City, followed by a period in the US Army. Returning from overseas, Knudson worked as a high school counselor at Eden Prairie High School located in a suburb of Minneapolis. David's next chapter of life spanned the globe as she worked at the International School of Vienna and as a cast member of Alt for Norge, a television show in Norway. The author's goal was to write a novel that touched on a number of emotional relationships. During one fateful conversation on a balcony in San Pedro, Belize, Twelve Beds was born.