Submitted by: Pamela Fullerton

Category: Film / Documentary

This documentary is a tribute to the life and flight career of Scott R. Alwin, who is believed to be the helicopter pilot who earned more air medals that any other Army Aviator in Vietnam, perhaps in history. It is also in honor of the brave men who flew with him who also sacrificed so much for duty and country.

Scott flew as a “Top Tiger” and as a “Mustang” with the 68th AHC. This “preacher’s kid,” was one of 16 siblings born and raised in Wisconsin.

The film will consist of interviews with fellow veterans, his family, his brothers and sisters, archival photos and films, contemporaneous letters, diaries and other documents. The producers are anxious to include materials that help redeem the honor and reputations of both Scott and so many others who served their nation with such distinction but who were never accorded the respect and admiration given to veterans of other wars.

Scott served five tours, earned 136 air medals and, among other things, originated a counter-rotational maneuver to counter tail-rotor failure, etc. He returned home prepared to continue his his country, however, like many, he was concerned about the way we withdrew from Vietnam and its implications for future foreign relations policy. Any plans he may have had were ended when he was tragically killed by a suicidal drunk driver. at the age of 31. He is buried in a rural cemetery next to a tiny red-brick church on a remote hillside in northern Marathon County. Too few people, other than family, know or care who he was or where he lies.

Far too many Vietnam heroes have been neglected and forgotten. It is time, past time, to remember Scott and help redeem those with whom he flew and with whom he served.

The producers welcome input from those with whom Scott served or from anyone willing to share photos, films or documents that would be relevant to the film and it’s purpose.

About the author:

Pamela Fullerton is an author, speaker and retired attorney. She is one of those “16 preacher’s kids” raised with Scott in Wisconsin. She is co-producer (along with Susan Reetz of the award winning firm, Clear Focus Media) of the documentary “Honor in the Air, The Scott R. Alwin Story.” She lives near Wausau in Central-Wisconsin.