Submitted by: Syd Mandelbaum

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The Veteran Farmers Market (VFM) is a local space where senior veterans can come and shop, at no cost for food and household items. Started eight months ago in Cedarhurst, N.Y., it helps at-risk veterans by providing an outdoor space away from stores where they can come without the worry of being infected by Covid 19.

Started by Rock and Wrap It Up! CEO Syd Mandelbaum and his wife Diane, food is donated by Trader Joe's, Costco, Wall's Bakery and other local stores to the Veteran Farmers Market. Syd also serves as the commander of American Legion Lawrence Cedarhurst Post 339.

Post Adjunct Brig. General Pat Alesia (retired) volunteers with other community members to run the market. The VFM operates from 10-12 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at the Rock and Wrap It up! offices in Cedarhurst.

Veterans are required to social distance and wear face-masks. To set up a VFM, please contact Syd at or call 1-516-295-0670.

About the author:

Syd Mandelbaum graduated Brooklyn College with a BS in geology and Earth science and an MA in science from Brooklyn College. He taught high school Earth science in Brooklyn and Oceanside, N.Y. before going to work in the medical industry as a scientist. He received his MBA from Hofstra University. He is also certified as a building scientist by the BPI and Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs. He served as a military service staff sergeant, United States Air Force Reserves, 35th Medical Service Squadron. Training included AFSC 90270, 90250 with honors: Service Ribbon, Sharpshooters Ribbon He also has served since 2014 as commander of Lawrence Cedarhurst American Legion Post 339