Submitted by: Richard Parrette Jr

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Most veterans do not talk about their experiences, especially to people they do not know well. I notice today more veterans proudly wearing ball caps with their veteran’s affiliation and the war in which they fought. I am happy to see this happening; it is about time. I am a Vietnam veteran. I served two tours aboard the USS John Paul Jones- 1970 and 1972 and remember when we returned in 1970, they told us not to wear our uniforms in public. People hated you. At first, I did not understand; I was proud of the uniform and our country. I thought what we were doing to help the South Vietnamese was right. After discharge from active duty, I remained in the reserves for 26 years. The lesson I learned in 1970 has stayed with me all this time. You should keep your feelings and experiences to yourself. It has been 50 years and just now I am seeing people thanking veterans for service. The pride I retained all these years is rising to the surface. I am 75 years old and disabled from that time so long ago. On an enjoyable day I sit in my garage and think about war in Vietnam, friends I retained and friends I have lost who I have not forgotten. I thought it is time I express to the public my state of mind. Sitting there in my garage I wrote the lyrics to my song (Garage Sittin’) and with the help of my producer, Gene Ort. We published my thoughts on being a Vietnam veteran. I hope the lyrics will make you interested in hearing the whole song on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music. I plan to donate anything made from this song to veterans.

Viet Nam was a long time ago
Shadows in my mind, I know.
Memories that don’t go away
For everyone we lost I pray.
Some folks don’t have any pride
They don’t understand why soldiers died
Such a terrible priced we paid
But there was no welcome home parade
Just those lonely nightmares

So, I began Garage Sittin’ watching the flag flow
Wavin’ to people I don’t even know
A cold beer and an old lawn chair.
Yeah, I’m smilin’ as they stare
Garage Sittin’ my pride showin’ through
It’s my country, too!

About the author:

Richard T. Parrette Jr. is the president of a manufacturing company and retired Navy captain, He worked 19 years for fortune 500 companies before he and his partner started their own manufacturing company in 1994. Throughout his manufacturing career he remained in the Navy Reserve for 26 years, retiring in 1991. He is also an accomplished poet and song writer. He has published five children's picture books, has had his poetry published and has 11 songs published for purchase on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and others.