Submitted by: Dr. Mary Rorro

Category: Music

“The Banner Yet Waves” is a song I composed for Memorial Day to honor and pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

The attached song, "The Banner Yet Waves," combines elements of the Pledge of Allegiance, "The Star-Spangled Banner," and Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. The song commemorates those who served and sacrificed, honoring flag and country.

Here is a link to the song and video that appeared on the national C20 show of the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

The Banner Yet Waves

Allegiance pledged

to the flag

hand over heart

our solemn oath

All gave some

some gave all

honoring our flag

until their fall

Remember patriots

one nation under God, invoking

the last full, their last full

measure of devotion

Land of the free

home of the brave

the banner yet waves

upon your graves

Music and lyrics composed by: Dr. Mary Rorro

About the author:

Dr. Mary Rorro is a psychiatrist, songwriter and musician. She created a therapeutic music program for VA called A Few Good Notes, and has received the Jefferson Award for volunteer service and the Planetree Patient-Centered Care Innovation Award. She was published in the Royal Entomology Society Journal. Dr. Rorro was recently interviewed by Radio Vaticana, the radio station of the Vatican.