Submitted by: Tom Lough

Category: Music

Here is a new resource for American Legion planners of services, ceremonies and observances for Veterans Day 2022 to consider: a military hymn entitled “Ever Faithful to the Call.”
The hymn can be reviewed and downloaded free for nonprofit use at .
Composer Tom Lough turned to chaplains, veterans, family members, widows and church music professionals for their ideas and suggestions in the hymn’s development. Field testing of the hymn in late 2021 provided additional feedback for the final revisions.
The four-verse hymn was sung recently as part of an organ recital in the West Point Cadet Chapel at the US. Military Academy. Craig Williams, chapel organist, said, “I feel this hymn has the potential for widespread use in military and civilian settings for Veterans Day and other occasions as well.”

About the author:

Tom Lough is a 10-year Army veteran with service as a combat engineer in Korea and Vietnam. He is also a church music composer.