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David Arthur Furry, Vietnam 1970-1971, is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who lives in the Minneapolis area. I have been writing songs and playing acoustic guitar since 1972. My complete biography and many photos are on my webpage, I released six songs via streaming and a Vimeo Musician Channel on Veterans Day 2023. These are the first songs I have ever released. The six songs can be listened tom and view the photo-videos for free, at my website, Four of the six songs also feature the talented fiddler Angie Marrs-Crandall.
New Songs, 2023: "The Walkin' Man" is the story of homeless vets who have walked the roads of America for the past many decades; written in 2003. "New York City Makes It Right" is a tribute to the great city of New York, written in 2005. "Two Soldiers in the Rain" is a ballad of loyal friendship written in 2003. "Freedom" was recorded in 1991 but unreleased. "All It Takes" and "So Long, Yesterday" were also recorded in 1991 but unreleased. I can verify all the information, including my status as a Vietnam vet (DD 214).
There will be several additional new songs released soon, as soon as I can record them, from my active catalog of over 100 songs. I have a wide variety of original songs, including pop ballads, rock & roll, country tunes, love songs and heartbreak too. And a debut album, untitled at this point, will be ready in the early months of 2024. I hope to have this album available in CD and vinyl format, as well as streaming. Future plans include several guest musicians and singers adding their talents to my new recordings. As the inimitable radio newsman, Paul Harvey, always said on his daily national radio broadcasts, “Stand by for news!”
On the "Songs w/o Music" page, I am publishing a few of the many songs I will probably never have time to record and release. But please enjoy these "poems" ... more will follow in the coming weeks and months as I select them from my archives. DAF
“A Mother's Son Has Died” by David Arthur Furry aka Davy Arturo Copyright 1980
“Just Like Big Kids” by David Arthur Furry aka Davy Arturo Copyright 1981
“Hey Blue" (Tribute to the Beatles) by David Arthur Furry aka Davy Arturo Copyright 1993
“On A Prison Chain Gang” by David Arthur Furry aka Davy Arturo Copyright 1990

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David Arthur Furry, musical nom de plume “Davy Arturo," began playing acoustic guitar and writing songs in February 1972 after spending two years in the U.S. Army, including one year in Vietnam as a clerk-typist. The passion for playing guitar began in Vietnam in 1971 when my best Army buddy, Joe Doggette, played George Harrison’s new album “All Things Must Pass" on his record player. The LP included the classic song “My Sweet Lord”, which was the No. 1 international hit during my time in Vietnam. That incredible acoustic guitar strumming by Harrison fanned the flames in my heart ... I had to learn to play the acoustic guitar as soon as I got out of the Army!