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My oldest brother who lives in Fargo, ND retired from the ND National Guard after being drafted and then reenlisting and serving for 9 years of active duty in the US Army. He was stationed in Colorado, San Antonio, Germany, and was also in Viet Nam for a short period.
My next older brother was drafted into the US Army and served in Colorado and Oklahoma.
Another older brother was also drafted into the Army and served in Colorado and Illinois.
My younger brother enlisted in the US Army and served in Missouri and Minnesota.
My sister married a enlistee in the Air Force who retired after serving over 20 years.
I enlisted in the ND Army National Guard on 6Sep62. Ordered to active duty training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO on 15Sep62. Released from active duty training on 14Mar63 to the 1050th Transportation Company, Wahpeton, ND. On 1Apr63 the 1050th became the 1st & 2nd Engineer Platoons, Company C, 231st Engineer Battalion. I transferred on 14Apr64 to HHC, 141st Engineer Battalion, Valley City, ND. Reenlisted on 29Aug65 and was released on 25Jun68 to be discharged from the Enlisted Reserves on 31Aug68.

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73 year old retiree living in Georgia after moving there from North Dakota in 1970.