Submitted by: Sgt. John Tedford

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I will be a voice to all Veterans who may be going through a lot of hardships due to the lack of knowledge and understanding on how often the VA Deny's benefits , quality of care or quantity .
I also posses great information of how a Veteran (Myself) Is still waiting for an appointment for the last year and a half. I suffer the pain of whatever is going on with me. Yet the VA keeps putting me off.
Excuses the VA should never tell a Veteran. Your next appointment is in six months. We'll call you right back. Is this an emergency?

I have 5 years of recorded meetings with doctors, patient advocates, clinic nurses, AW2 Reps. American Legion Reps, Regional VA in Phoenix with Higher Ranks for Ratings. back Door phone numbers they refuse to give Veterans.
I have enough information to make the Veterans Administration look very very bad on how Veterans are currently being treated including myself. I have caught higher ranks committing lies denying what I had already record.

About the author:

Operation Iraq Veteran. 90% Service Connected. Loves the Cowboy Life. I have a beautiful Wife. Two Horses, and three dogs. I LOVE MY COUNTRY A Voice For All Veterans of America.