Submitted by: Maureen A Netzel

Category: Poetry

Can’t write a thing;
The sensor’s to blame.
Just say that I’m well
And sign my name

Can’t tell where we move to,
Can’t mention the date,
Can’t even remember the meals that we ate.

Don’t know what our plan is,
Don’t where will land,
Couldn’t inform you if met by band.

Can’t mention the weather,
Can’t say if there’s rain
All Military secrets must be secrets remain.

Can’t have a flashlight,
To Guide me at night,
Can’t smoke a cigarette except out of sight.

Can’t keep a diary,
For such is a sin;
Can’t keep the envelope your letters come in.

Can’t say for sure
Just what the hell I can write,
So, I’ll call this my letter
And close with tonight.

About the author:

This “poem” is from My Dad (Richard T Bigoness) who got this from his first cousin Jimmy Forpanek; He was born June 28th, 1925 and was killed in action in Italy in WWII. (Sept 24th, 1944 and buried in Florence, Italy… US Military Cemetery) It was found in Jimmy’s personal belongings forwarded to his Mom. Submitted by Richard T Bigoness 608-752-2991 American Legion Post #487 Cable Wi 54821