Submitted by: Joseph Yatsko

Category: Poetry

From our hopes, dreams, and pride we saw brother and sister rise. They grew taller and stronger always at each others side. Working together day by day and year by year, we grew strong from their strength, for they both held no fear. A symbol of pride for all who worked at their side. A city, a nation looked at them both,, with amazement, and pride. Always together never apart, so strong, and hard working we all knew them well. They woke one morning to the work they did best, ready to greet the new morning they both loved so well. Then without warning and high from the sky both brother and sister said goodbye. They suffered and struggled as long as they could, standing tall, as we knew they would. Holding each other side by side trying their best to save all whom were alive. A city of people joined, side by side, came to their rescue, and put their lives on the line. Brother and sister we knew you so well, we tried to reason with these enemies from hell. We hoped and we prayed as I witnessed a city that cried. Then I fell to my knees the day the Twin Towers died.

About the author:

I am a retired Army veteran from the National Guard. I was a Sargent for 15 years.