Submitted by: James Casper, Sgt.

Category: Poetry


WWII Memories

Olivedrab or suntans, that is what we wore.
At many places across our land we trained to go to war.
Many kinds of guns we fired.
We marched in a long straight line.
Now away from home we pined.

Best time of day was Mail Call.
A "Dear John letter" was bitterest of all.
I was a lucky man. As you will see.
No such letter came to me.

When prepared, we boarded a ship
and sailed a dangerous sea.
We arrived at places far from home
to defeat the enemy.
Across the Pacific, Africa and Italy,.
then over the channel to France and
beyond to Germany. Then Japan.

The war was WON on both sides of the world
NO PARADE for us, but at the station
with KISSES and HUGS
was LOVE, FAMILY, Maybe a BABY.

An Army Guy.

About the author:

James Casper served in the Army from March 11, 1941 through January 1, 1946. He served as a Medical Technician, Signal Corp Pigeoneer and a Warehouse Foreman. He now resides in the Rochester, NY area and is a member of the Rochester NY American Legion. I would be honored if my poem was accepted for publication.