Submitted by: Robert Davis

Category: Poetry

The black sands are stirring on Tarawa and Iwo
Soft murmurs pass between the crosses in Henri-Chapelle
Sands shift angrily at the waters edge at Omaha and Utah
The ones who gave all are stirring — growing restless
Better listen — better listen

Soft rumbles can be heard thru the skies over Schweinfurt and Ploesti
Leaves are beginning to quiver on the trees hiding the old prison camps
The hurried re-writing of history will never erase the sacrifices at Guadalcanal and Bougainville
Unease is growing among the fallen about their country
Better listen — better listen

Watch Old Glory — she unfurls and snaps angrily in disgust
She has no trouble hearing those who are now growing restless
They are stirring — Anzio, Po River, Remagen, Pearl
Better listen — better listen

This is still their country — left in your care
They did not stain their country's Flag or Honor
In God they trusted and gave all for that trust
They hear their country's borders are unprotected and they are growing restless
Can't you hear them?
Our country, my country, our Flag, my Flag, our Honor, my Honor, they are priceless
Better listen — better listen

Three thousand in five years? — Try three thousand in one day — day after day
Better listen — you who claim to be taking care of their country
They gave their lives for their own united nation — not a United Nations
Better listen, they are growing restless

Don't wait until you can hear them clearly

Robert D. Davis
An American Veteran

About the author:

WWII Veteran. 8th Air Force. P.O.W.