Submitted by: Jon M. Nelson

Category: Poetry

A Soldier’s Prayer
By: Jon M. Nelson

Now I lay me down to sleep,
And hope my dreams are thoughtful and deep.
I pray that tonight I’m not awaken,
By bombs exploding and the ground shakin’.

I hope that I can get some peaceful rest,
And wish that the next day will be blessed.
All I want is to sleep through the night,
So that tomorrow I’m ready for another fight.

I pray my dreams are of my family,
As I make sacrifices to keep them free.
May you watch over and keep them safe,
As they wait for me and remain brave.

Dear lord please listen as I pray to you,
And proudly defend the red, white and blue.
I will always serve you and my country,
And be the best person that I can be.

May it be a peaceful night without a sound,
With no shots or bullets flying around.
As I lay and dream of back home again,
I’ll unfold my hands after I say Amen.

Copyright © 2012 Jon M. Nelson

About the author:

I am an active duty soldier with over 16 years time in so far. In addition to being a soldier I am an award winning and published poet, currently working on my second book. I write poetry on many different subjects from love to the kindness of humanity, but my most popular poems and my favorite to write are about military, veterans, and their families.