Submitted by: Les L. White

Category: Poetry

I guess, I was an unwanted baby.
But, I finally came along.
After much time in the cradle, I realized I was still alone.
I thought, my nanny was my mommy
My babysitter was my Dad.
I didn't know the difference it was the only life I had.
But then as I grew older I looked around to see
And I finally realized God had a purpose for me.
Through God's love, prayer and grace
God helped me find a home.
And now, with the love of God and with my trust in him
I no longer feel alone.

About the author:

Les White served in the Air Force beginning in 1951 in Japan, Turkey, and Thialand. He retired in 1972. Mr. White is Chairman of Public Relations and Judge Advocate at Post 55 in Clerrmont, Florida.