Submitted by: Curtis (CJ) Stout

Category: Poetry

I went to the wall one day
To spend some time alone
People walking quietly by me
They were so far from home

People cried and touched the wall
Their thoughts so far away
Thinking of what they had and lost
On one fateful day

Their loved ones gone forever
Their hearts so filled with stress
Their loved ones names on the wall
Were just like all the rest

Oh, why were they taken so very young
To die so far away
So many other warriors
Left to fight another day

End these wars, oh, Lord
And bring our children home
So they don't have to die
And be so all alone

About the author:

U.S. Navy disabled Vietnam Veteran, - In country June 1966 - Oct. 1967 Born and raised in Burlingame, Kansas. Son of a Father who received a battlefield commission in WWII combat engineers under Patton Served also during Korea and Vietnam. Died as a Lt. Col. Awarded Purple Heart. Son U.S. Army Light Infantry, 10th Mountain Division Kandahar Afghanistan. Disabled Veteran.