Submitted by: Robert Martin

Category: Poetry

The Battle

Dear God. The pipers played the proud battle songs of all warriors, and the sound shook through my veins as I rose up to meet my enemy. Through the night we fought in your honor even though the rising sun had lifted up the darkness and cast it aside. We were still holding onto the last thread of life, but at the same time, we fought as if death was our refuge and life was our prison. If one of our limbs were severed, we still fought with the remaining ones until the white wings of death cradled us to its bosom. We share our testimony to you in your kingdom where all winners and losers commune together at your table, and taste the wine made sweeter by your sacred tears. All glory be to thee, oh Lord, Prince of Peace. Amen.

About the author:

Robert L Martin has been a member of the Legion for 16 years. He is the organist at First United Methodist Church in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. Mr. Martin has written a poetry book entitled "In Reverence to Life". He has been published in "Mature Years Magazine", "Alive Now", "Purpose Magazine", among others.