Submitted by: Robert Martin

Category: Poetry


My brother in arms: The desire for independence summons the spirit within to break the chains that bind the heart. If your dependency has made you comfortable, and that comfort has made you complacent, and that complacency forced you to belittle yourself enough to submit to slavery as the way of life, you will forget that it is an everlasting ailment brought on by your own acquiescence. If the avenging spirit within you has given you new life, take it into battle with "liberty or death" engraved upon your sword, for the desire for freedom to flourish denies tyranny the chance to rule and bind the spirit. That bondage would suppress the desire within to find God's permission for you to fight for freedom, the resting place of the soul and the cause for that rebellion.

About the author:

Robert L Martin has been a member of the Legion for 16 years. He is the organist at First United Methodist Church in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. Mr. Martin has written a poetry book entitled "In Reverence to Life". He has been published in "Mature Years Magazine", "Alive Now", "Purpose Magazine", among others.