Submitted by: Larry McMillan

Category: Poetry

Water cascading,
Making small droplets
Creating a fine mist
Against the sun that does shine,
Making rainbows with colors so fine,
Filling me with longing
Forever just to sit and stare
At their lovely mystic flare.
With colors and peace in essences bare,
The beauty of nature it does share.
Stripping away all my care
And leaving me bare
Of thoughts that would hinder me there.
I sit on my grassy chair
And in hypnotic trance I stare,
At all the beauty I see there,
Beckoning me to never leave there
Forever to share
The beauty that is always there.

About the author:

I am retired Navy and retired otherwise except for all the people who think I should still work on computers. I am 76 years old going on 13 or 3, I am not sure which. I have written 600 poems and one poetry book with approximately 400 poems called, My Ramblings: An adventure in poetry. I have also written The Electronic Thief, The Scarlet Widow, The Adventures of Billy Blue Jay, The End of Summer, and several short stories. I have recently graduated from the Long Ridge Writers Group