Submitted by: James Casper

Category: Poetry

Faithful to my memories

I have memories.
Of the few vears of our teenage romance.
Of the movies,the walking,talking
And the Friday nights dance.

I have memories.
The Army wanted me for a year.
Then the War.
The year became nearly FIVE.
The letters between us
Kept our romance alive.
Of the many ways to say I love you
I said them all,Jean said all too

I have memories.
The War ended but not our romance.
My love was halfway around the world
I was eager to go home to her
To put my arms around my sweetheart
And never more to part.

I have memories
Of the long wait for a home bound ship
My ship arrived,.I boarded, and I sailed
Ten days across a wild sea.
To the USA and into port.
Then east by train on CHRISTMAS EVE
To the last Fort.

At Fort Dix I gave up my rifle and gear.
I received a train ticket and was on my way.
At last to my Jean on NEW YEARS DAY.

Jim Casper

About the author:

Jim Casper was enlisted during WWII from 1941 through 1945 during which time he was away from his girl/wife much of the time and missed her terribly.