Submitted by: Adam Morris

Category: Poetry

When God calls the soldier home to heaven,
it is not a win for our enemy.
But in that flag draped, wooden coffin
lies our Father’s newest soldier-to-be.

When God calls the soldier back home to him;
He needed him for a higher purpose.
God wouldn’t have taken them on a whim;
angels were needed to keep us as His.

When God calls the soldier back from the Earth,
He needs soldiers for his own front line.
Don’t you worry; he will give them safe berth,
they will help keep the straight and narrow align.

So as the final strains of Taps fades away,
know God swore in a new soldier that day.

About the author:

A high school junioir, almost senior, who comes from an all-Navy family and supports all troops amd veterans.