Submitted by: Glenn Perlman

Category: Poetry

Memorial Day 2014

By Glenn Perlman

He woke up that morning just like other days.
He sought to serve his Lord and country in all ways.
His orders said to lead another patrol.
In a land that was both harsh and wonderful.

He checked his soldiers and their gear,
In hope to also drive away their fear.
Some would say this was merely a show,
But he was making all ready to go.

When the first rays of the rising sun were seen,
Dust clouds marked the trail where he had been.
All around him the world seemed at peace,
There was no sense that it would ever cease.

Suddenly around him explosions erupted,
The quiet, peaceful scene was fully disrupted.
Few civilians would ever have a clue,
In such a situation what he should do.

The unsung hero was equal to the task,
“What will you do?” no one had to ask.
He immediately issued a command,
And his soldiers made their brave stand.

A message for help the hero did send,
No one knowing it was going to be his end.
Supporting aid came in low and fast,
Arriving just as the hero breathed his last.

This round was over and the foe paid the most cost,
Not bothering to think about what had been lost.
The hero was taken back to his base,
The marks of war they tried to erase.

At home the hero was laid to rest,
Everyone knowing he had given his best.
As the salute the honor guard did fire,
All knew his soul had risen even higher.

The official gave his family the flag,
That upon his coffin never did sag.
These last words were heard by the faithful,
“For this sacrifice the nation is truly grateful”.

About the author:

I served as a chaplain in the USAR from 1976-1984 and received an Honorable Discharge with the rank of Captain.