Submitted by: James Casper

Category: Poetry


Young girls on trains were on the way,
To a sailor or soldier, the man they love.
He was a gift from heaven above.
Not brave, not bold. It had to be love.

They would be together.
An hour, with luck a day.
Orders would send him far away.

With a smile on her face, a tear in her eye.
In a long embrace they kissed goodbye.
She hurried to board the train.
Turned for one last look.
To throw a kiss, that did not miss.

The train was crowded, but she felt alone.
Found a seat, for the long journey home.

She prayed for his safe return.
Wrote letters as the candle burned.

IT WAS-------LOVE!

Jim Casper

About the author:

Jim served in WWII for 5 years and moved around frequently during that time. During that time her married his wife Jean and she would be with him on and off and would travel by train to and from wherever he was stationed.