Submitted by: Kevin Avera

Category: Poetry

As I rise from bed this day. My thoughts turn not to the daily tasks at hand , but rather to what this day symbolizes.

It stands not for barbecue gatherings. Nor time at the pool, beach, or park.

Rather it symbolizes sacrifice. The sacrifice of those early American patriots. Ordinary men , fathers , farmers , and shop keepers who put their very lives aside for a dream.

Who endured months poorly fed. Freezing cold in Valley Forge. Months without comfort or proper clothing on their backs. Malnourished and in poor health , many marched on.

That dream was a strong and free America.

Today is not about which political party you represent. Nor if you support the current leadership or not.

It is about love for one's country. The flag that flies high, giving hope to those oppressed, that one day ... they too CAN be free and seek justice over those who seek to enslave them.

They too can pursue happiness. They too can raise families without fear of tyranny.

They too can have freedom of CHOICE in how to live their lives and which faith they follow.

While family events are important. And we should always cherish them, let us NEVER forget why we are free to enjoy those pleasures.

Look back to those who stood against the mightiest military power in the world at that time. 

Ordinary men. Poorly supplied. Without formal experience. Many without even more than a simple wood cabin to their name.

Yet they stood together and gave their very blood and tears so we could be free of the yolk of oppression. They wrote this nation's Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution to GUARANTEE the prosperity and freedoms of ALL our Citizens big and small as an everlasting and selfless act.

We need to remember that.  And never let that sacrifice be tarnished by any influence or alternative teachings.


Happy Independence Day.

About the author:

The author is Kevin Avera of Monticello, Florida. He is a Florida Legion Post 208, 10 year member and aspiring author.