Submitted by: David Pavio

Category: Poetry

This is our flag
It waves red, white and blue
It proudly waves for me and for you

We have looked at our flag under sunny skies
We have looked to our flag with tears in our eyes

Our flag is a symbol of power and might
Our flag is a symbol of truth and what's right

Athletes may kneel for the National Anthem
But they really don't understand the freedom it grants them

Brave men and women have died for this flag
So we can enjoy the freedoms we now have

Our flag has been attacked, torn and burned
Through all of this, what have we learned?

That we as Americans by and large
Live in the best country under the stars

And yes, some may try to destroy her with their hateful chatter
But in the end they don't really matter

Our flag is just a material thing
But she lives on in our hearts and we will proudly sing

The National Anthem with our hand over our heart
And try as they might, they cannot start

Us to believe that this country is bad
And we lost our way and all that we had

I CANNOT AND WILL NOT accept this as true
I believe in our flag, and I hope you do too!
copyright 2020 David R. Pavio

About the author:

David R. Pavio is a member of American Legion post #17, Naugatuck, Conn.