Submitted by: Seymour Berger

Category: Poetry

Vision of our flag that drapes over the ground
Where the Twin Towers did stand in our town
If only there was a sensor on the top of the Towers
That could have spotted those low life cowards
You couldn’t really explain
Why no one had seen the first plane
So many eyes, staring at the skies
Two separate planes flying low, no one got wise
If only one civilian was alert
Call for fighter planes that would shoot them into the earth
If we can only turn back the clock to make everybody safe
Out of this misfortune, it turned into a massive grave
Our country expresses its deepest sympathy
From the President, down to you and me
You feel so depress
When viewing this horrible mess
The hurt inside me made me cry
Thank my lucky stars I didn’t die
Displaying the American Flag at half – staff
Shows the honor and respect we have

By Seymour Berger

About the author:

Seymour Berger