Submitted by: Dave Pipitone

Category: Poetry

Come evening, when stars fall and rise,
a soldier lives, a soldier dies.
A blue star field lives but a day
to grow, to watch in sun-drenched ray.

Blue stars, dressed in morning dew.
Blue star hearts protect me and you.
A blue star field stands to guard
the red, the white, the stripes won hard.

Where vigilance reigns amid the white,
and justice makes the red upright,
the field of blue endures the fight,
fallen stars at dusk's twilight.

Blue stars defend the day that gives,
a soldier dies, a soldier lives:
Comrades in arms until the end,
duty shields and saves their friend.

The frost lies thick at dawn's first light
and thaws from darkest cold of night.
Over honored graves so resolute:
blue stars, with red and white, salute.

Copyright 2023, Dave Pipitone, Poinciana, FL

About the author:

Dave Pipitone is a retired marketing professional for a nonprofit organization, husband, father, and son of a World War II Navy veteran. He writes and publishes inspirational books.