Submitted by: Gwendolyn Locklear

Category: Visual

This design speaks of the very essence of what veterans armored up for (U.S.A), and served for, God and country, they took the oath, and went through, the battles of war, some made it home, and some didn't as the meaning states, on the left should covered in the back , there were some, left behind, not purposely ,and today we still pray for them, maybe if not for them, .... others may not have made it through to their next destination, always will be remembered, but "NEVER FORGOTTEN", for they wore their armor as well! They all serve for the U.S.A. to make our country a better and safer place to live.

Designed by: Gwendolyn Locklear
(designed owned and copyrighted by:Mrs. Locklear)
"Wife of a Buffalo Soldier"
May I personally say,"Welcome Home, to all Vietnam Veterans"

Thanking all Veterans that served!

About the author:

I am the spouse of a purple heart vietnam veteran and designer of an item called "The Full Coat of Armor", one donated to the Wade Park VA, in thanks to all who served,and still serve "For God and Country", 2 sent to President, and Mrs. Obama, and I'm still praying, one day Vietnam veterans, will finally be welcomed home, and my husband, today still serves, when called, as Capt. of The Buffalo Soldiers, post 315 American Legion, I'm a woman's auxillary member, and volunteer at the Wade Park VA.