Americanism By-the-Numbers impact report for 2021
American Legion Boys Nation, July 30, 2021.

Americanism By-the-Numbers impact report for 2021

The American Legion recognizes February as Americanism Month – a time to reflect on the importance of upholding what the Preamble to The American Legion Constitution states, which is “To foster and perpetuate a 100 percent Americanism.”

“Americanism is the love of America, loyalty to its ideals and institutions, allegiance to its flag, willingness to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and a desire to pass on the blessings of liberty to future generations,” Americanism Commission Chairman Richard Anderson wrote. “To safeguard our nation’s continuing prosperity, it is vital that we ensure that our youth understand and cherish our ideals and traditions.” 

Last year, American Legion members across the country upheld a 100 percent Americanism through their devotion, dedication and commitment to the success of Americanism programs at the local, state and national level, despite limitations surrounding ongoing safety measures with COVID-19. This 100 percent Americanism commitment is visible in the Americanism By-the-Numbers report for 2021.

See the full Americanism By-the Numbers report here

A few highlights from the Americanism By-the-Numbers report were that in 2021:

- 50,575 youth from 2,975 teams played American Legion Baseball.

- 31 American Legion Boys State programs reported having conducted a program. 

- 2,089 Scouting units were chartered by American Legion Family members across the country, involving 38,315 youth.

- 21 American Legion departments have established an American Legion Youth Cadet Law Enforcement program.

- 48 American Legion department oratorical winners were certified of the 53 departments normally competing. (The 2021 National Oratorical Finals in Indianapolis was cancelled due to safety concerns regarding the pandemic.)

- 686 individual athletes and 88 shooting clubs entered the 2020-2021 postal round competition of The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports National Tournament.

- As reported by the 2021 Consolidated Post Report, 2,377 students from throughout the nation were presented an American Legion School Award Medal; 909 American Legion posts participated in American Education Week; 2,100 citizenship and naturalization activities were conducted in local communities; and 1,531 Get Out the Vote activities conducted in communities.