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A new year to stay on course

A new year to stay on course

As another year comes to a close, I look forward to what the new year has in store for The American Legion Family and their efforts in raising a combined $4 million for the various American Legion Charities. When I was elected as your national commander, I knew I wanted to involve the Legion Family in everything that The American Legion does, including being rewarded for helping to meet my fundraising goal for Legion programs.

A "Stay On Course" fundraising pin will be awarded to any individual who donates $100 or more to American Legion Charities. And three pins will be awarded to any Legion post, Auxiliary unit, Sons of The American Legion squadron or Legion Riders chapter that donates $500 or more to American Legion Charities.

The pin is just a small incentive. What’s more important is that for every donation that you or your post, squadron or unit give to American Legion Charities, you are being rewarded with the knowledge that you are helping our veterans, servicemembers and their families. Through the Endowment Fund you are providing funds for veterans affairs and rehabilitation programs and helping a family in need pay a bill or keep food on the table for their child(ren); through Operation Comfort Warriors you are helping wounded warriors recover quicker with the comfort items that they need; through the National Emergency Fund you are helping a post or Legionnaire rebuild their life after a natural disaster; through the Child Welfare Foundation you are helping other nonprofits address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children; through the Legacy Scholarship Fund you are giving youth of a fallen servicemember a chance to achieve higher education; and through Soldier’s Wish you are making a wish come true.

I know $4 million may seem like a lofty goal to achieve, but it’s almost a new year and with that comes new aspirations. Our veterans, servicemembers and their families are counting on The American Legion.