Legion Membership Application Form

This is the standard American Legion membership application form that can be downloaded and/or printed, filled out and submitted with the year’s dues.


Sons of The American Legion membership application


Brochure with Legion Family applications

This popular, printable, downloadable trifold brochure promotes membership in The American Legion, Sons of The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, with membership applications for each organization.

Paid Up for Life

Learn the benefits of PUFL, see rates, apply online and never see another renewal notice.


National Awards

Honors and awards offered for top membership recruitment and retention.


Membership Awards Points Manual

The manual lists national membership awards, criteria for earning them and nomination forms for submission.


Membership Target Dates

Meet monthly membership goals. 


Membership Standings

Up-to-date department by department and Sons of The American Legion detachment by detachment membership standings are presented. The chart shows how close a department or detachment is to achieving the target-date goals, renewal rates and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and other membership topics addressed.