7 ways to Be the One during March
Photo by Hilary Ott /The American Legion

7 ways to Be the One during March

The American Legion’s Be the One mission encourages American Legion Family members, veterans, servicemembers and others to act when they believe a veteran is at risk of suicide. It’s a mission to help destigmatize the need to ask for help. It’s a mission to save the lives of veterans.

The following are seven ways you can Be the One during the month of March.

-          Wear a Be the One item on March 1 – and the first of every month – to show your commitment to reducing the stigma around mental health issues among veterans and servicemembers. And to start a conversation about what Be the One is and how to save the life of a veteran. Need Be the One gear? You can purchase a Be the One shirt or other merchandise through American Legion Emblem Sales.  

-          Read the new Be the One newsletter that kicks off March 1 and share it with others. The Be the One e-newsletter will be distributed to those subscribed to the Online Update.  Need to sign up? You can easily do so by visiting legion.org/newsletters and click on Online Update to subscribe.

-          Download and listen to the next Be the One podcast episode, out March 1. You also can listen to past episodes at betheone.org. Don’t miss when this episode drops, and all future Be the One podcast episodes, by subscribing to the American Legion’s Tango Alpha newsletter at legion.org/newsletters.

-          Create a Be the One event at your post, perhaps timed with the Legion’s 105th birthday on March 15, and invite the community. There are many resources available to promote Be the One at this web page. These resources include Be the One posters, customizable brochures, a banner, wallet cards and more.

-          Conduct VA S.A.V.E. suicide prevention training at your post for Legion Family and community members. Download this information sheet to help you get started.

-          Host an INDYCAR watch party at your post March 10 – the first race of the season in St. Petersburg, Fla., where INDYCAR rookie Linus Lundqvist is behind the wheel of the No. 8 American Legion Honda, which will prominently feature The American Legion and Be the One branding on its livery. Visit betheone.org/resources for tips to hosting a watch party.

-          Share your Be the One post activities and stories, including your support for Be the One on the first of every month, on Legiontown under the Be the One category.