Renew six members to receive Reistad’s incentive pin
National Commander Brett Reistad speaks at the Membership & Post Activities Committee meeting at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre in Indianapolis, Ind., on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. Photo by Schelly Stone/The American Legion.

Renew six members to receive Reistad’s incentive pin

As of Jan. 14, American Legion National Commander Brett Reistad will award his "Membership Excellence: Team 100" incentive pin to any Legion Family member who renews six Legionnaires for the 2019 membership year. Renewals received prior to Jan. 14 do not count toward this incentive.

Reistad made this annoucement during The American Legion's National Membership and Post Activities Committee meeting in Indianapolis last weekend.

“While it’s essential for all of us to continue recruiting, it’s just as important to renew our members,” Reistad said during his remarks to the committee. To increase renewal rates, Reistad emphasized that “engagement is the key to renewals. Engagement is particularly important when we’re dealing with DMS members and members that have signed up through our website. If you are not engaged with them and put them into a local post, they are not going to renew."

The commander’s incentive pin also will continue to be awarded to any Legion Family member who obtains three new members into The American Legion. A new member is any eligible person joining for the 2019 membership year who was not a member of The American Legion during the 2018 membership year.

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Leading candidate for national commander James W. “Bill” Oxford of North Carolina added that “we need to ensure the renewal of every member … can we do it? I know we can. The future of The American Legion depends on it.”