‘A Republic, if you can keep it’

If you worry about our nation’s future, I recommend you watch the Legion’s National Oratorical Finals or volunteer for an American Legion youth program.  
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Membership matters: let’s keep trending upward

The American Legion is gaining ground on the membership front, but we still need to recruit, renew and re-sign members to make this the first year of significant roster growth since 2010.
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Let’s work non-renewals

It’s exciting to know that a recent review of the 2022 membership forecast shows that The American Legion is on pace to exceed last year’s totals. This would be the first time the organization has seen membership growth since 2010.
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How are you supporting disabled veterans?

Join 100 Miles for Hope to raise money for disabled veterans and military families in need. Top fundraisers will receive special fundraising incentives for their efforts.
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Senate must deliver for vets

Let’s ensure VA health care is provided for more than 3.5 million contaminant-exposed veterans by pushing the Senate to pass the Honoring Our PACT Act bill.
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