The right to be Legionnaires

For too long, veterans have wondered why only those who served during designated wartime eras could join The American Legion. We mean it when we answer, “It takes an act of Congress.”
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Legion, VA team up on approach to suicide prevention


Legionnaires play a crucial role in VA’s public health approach to suicide prevention by adopting the principles of the National Strategy for Preventing Veteran Suicide.

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To the Legionnaires who came before us

Millions came home from wartime service, took off their uniforms, pulled on American Legion caps and devoted themselves to community, state and nation.
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A month designated to children and youth

The American Legion has celebrated “April is Children & Youth Month” for the past 81 years.
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Congress should follow Coast Guard motto

The fact that the Pay Our Coast Guard Act did not fly through Congress is nothing short of bipartisan failure.
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