Support American Legion Charities

Each year, the elected American Legion national commander fundraises for a program within the organization that supports veterans, servicemembers and their families. Over the past few years it’s been the Child Welfare Foundation, the Legacy Scholarship Fund, Operation Comfort Warriors and the National Emergency Fund.

As your 2014-2015 American Legion national commander, rather than focusing on a specific fundraising program, I have set a goal for the Legion family to raise a combined $4 million for the various Legion charitable programs. American Legion Charities provides direct support and assistance to veterans, military personnel, families and communities.

Your generous tax-deductible donations help provide: financial assistance to military and veteran families with children at home who are in need; relief for families of veterans who have suffered devastating losses after natural disasters; employment opportunities for transitioning servicemembers through the hosting of job fairs; representation on Capitol Hill to protect military retiree benefits and to ensure quality of life for military members and veterans; youth an opportunity to participate in one of the Legion’s premier youth programs such as Legion Baseball, Boys National, Oratorical Contest or Shooting Sports.

I am leaving the choice of fundraising to you. All I ask is that you give.

America is paying attention to The American Legion not just because we are right on the issues, but because we are doing these great things in our communities. Many of those charities benefit not only members of the military and veterans, but also their families – which matters. Most veterans believe that the nicest thing you can do for them is to be kind to their families.

The most common request of a soldier who is dying on the battlefield is ‘tell my wife I love her.’ Nothing will be appreciated by a veteran more than taking care of his or her family. And that’s exactly what these programs are intended to do. They are intended to support the families of men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation.

Learn more about American Legion Charities online here.