The department commander and department membership chairman may earn checks up to $1,000 based on a points system for meeting national target dates and other target areas. Each department must accomplish its goal by the May target date, using traditional methods, to be eligible for awards.

An additional $1,000 is awarded to the department for meeting all target dates.

The membership office will record traditional accomplishments on the transmittals received and processed at National Headquarters by the close of the target date business day.

Points Key

Target I (September) 50% 5,000 points
Target II (October) 55% 5,500
Target III (November) 65% 6,500
Target IV (December) 75% 7,500
Target V (January) 80% 8,000
Target VI (February) 85% 8,500
Target VII (March) 90% 9,000
Target VIII (April) 95% 9,500
Target IX (May) 100% 10,000


Post and district commanders should place particular emphasis on renewing current members and reinstating those whose membership has expired, even while actively recruiting new members throughout the year.

For complete information on the National Awards Points Program, Target Dates, and information on other important membership goals and dates other than these target dates, see the National Awards Points Program Manual.