A Vietnam Seabee’s Vow: Part 3

In Episode 3 of “A Vietnam Seabee’s Vow,” the Kansas farmer and longtime American Legion officer describes his complicated transition, one he treated by burying himself in work. Little was said at home, of the war and the combat he endured.

It was like he had just been gone for a weekend. Then it was right back to the farm. He stayed as busy as possible to avoid lulls that invited indelible memories. In time, those memories planted seeds of their own. He kept working. Even after selling the land, he moved on to new career ventures, working upwards of 80 hours a week and finding his place in The American Legion, as a post, district and department commander, and later as a member of the National Executive Committee.

In the Legion, he found the camaraderie he needed and advice from mentors of past wars who understood, like no one else could, his experiences and how they shaped him.

“A Vietnam Seabee’s Vow” is a special four-part video series by American Legion Media & Communications Division visual media specialist Hilary Ott.

Installments are posted on Legion.org and the national American Legion YouTube channel each Friday leading up to Memorial Day weekend. 

Episode 1: From Farm to Fight 

Episode 2: Bootcamp to Combat