SE4-EP192 Tango Alpha Lima: America’s Resilience Coach Kristen Christy

IN THE NEWS National Membership & Post Activities Committee Chairman Matt Jabaut of Maine guest hosts the first of two episodes. He'll talk about membership, the 21st Century Committe and the origins of the podcast and other ways The American Legion is connecting with new generations of veterans and their communities. THIS WEEK'S GUEST Leaning on her own lived experiences, Air Force spouse and co-creator of 988 Crisis Line is dedicated to being an “emotional support human” for those facing tragedy. Kristen discusses the importance of getting embedded in your community to provide a safety net that will support you in times of tragedy, as well as the knowing your resources and developing the skills to help those who may be in crisis. RAPID FIRE Jobs for spouses and childcare will be goals of new Army app Army, Navy Unveil Incredible New Uniforms for 2023 Clash What was the military doing at the Anime NYC convention? SHOW NOTES @kristenchristy988




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