VA Innovation - VA PRIDE in All Who Served Program

It has been widely documented by multiple studies that LGBTQ+ Veterans are at increased risk for suicide and other healthcare inequities, due to discrimination and barriers to accessing care. Despite existing provider-focused education and inclusive policies, a gap in clinical services for LGBTQ+ Veterans remains. The PRIDE In All Who Served program is a transformative initiative that emerged out of the Hampton VA Medical Center in 2016 to connect LGBTQ+ Veterans, foster a peer support system, and enhance health literacy within this community. The impact of such peer support extends beyond camaraderie; it serves as a safeguard against issues like suicide and stigma-related stress that disproportionately affect LGBTQ+ individuals. Hear from several members of the PRIDE in All Who Served team, Tanisha Anderson, LCSW, LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator at the Richmond, VA Medical Center, and Sierra Phillips, LCSW, LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Coordinator at Tomah VA Medical Center; as they share more about PRIDE in All Who Served, as well as Matthew Shuman, U.S. Army Veteran and the National Security Chair of The American Legion, shares his personal experiences and the benefits of PRIDE In All Who Served program. To find out more information at PRIDE in All Who Served. #VAInnovation #LGBTQ+ #PRIDE

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