SE5 Tango Alpha Lima Trailblazing Women Veterans: Iraq War POW Shoshana Johnson

In this special series we celebrate Women's History Month and honor the service of women veterans and their contributions to American military history. In this final episode of our series, we honor Shoshana Johnson, the first Black woman POW in U.S. history. Her story is often overshadowed by media attention given to others, but her determination and resilience is inspirational. We also recognize the contributions of other women who took advantage of ever-expanding roles for women in the modern military to carve out careers and rise to leadership positions. COLD WAR Rear Adm. Grace Hopper Adm. Sandra L. Stosz Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught Maj. Gen. Jeanne M. Holm GULF WAR Col. Rhonda Cornum Cmdr. Darlene Iskra Col. Martha McSally Sgt. Maj. Michele S. Jones Vice Adm. Vivien Crea GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM Hon. Tammy Duckworth Lt. Col. Nicole Malachowski Capt. Kristen Griest Maj. Gen. Tammy S. Smith Adm. Michelle J. Howard Lt. Gen. Nina M. Armagno TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP1 - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker: TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP2 - Angels of Anzio: TRAILBLAZING WOMEN VETERANS EP3 - Co. Allison Black: SHOW NOTES

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