SE4-EP174 Tango Alpha Lima: Typhoon Coast Author Mark R. Clifford

IN THE NEWS A Veteran Combat Photographer Is on a Mission to Capture Portraits of Every Living Medal of Honor Recipient THIS WEEK'S GUEST Mark R. Clifford served in the Marine Corps infantry for ten years and as a police officer for over a quarter-century. On the podcast this week, Mark talks about his military and law enforcement career, his debut novel, Typhoon Coast, and his work mentoring veterans at Zac Brown's Camp Southern Ground. RAPID FIRE Maryland's Howard County Veterans Foundation celebrates ‘Valiant Women’ If properly flown, an Attack Helicopter would defeat most fighter airplanes in 1 on 1 air combat. Attack Helicopter Crews explain why. Air Force Pilots Have One Month to Extend Contracts for Up to $50,000 Per Year in Bonuses SHOW NOTES @typhooncoast654

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