The American Legion Library

The American Legion Library was established in 1923 and is located on the north end of the fourth floor of National Headquarters in Indianapolis. While the organization and building are not public, the library staff welcomes and strives to help Legionnaires, veterans and non-veterans alike.

Researchers, students and others who want access to the library should first inquire about their subjects through a telephone call, mail or email.

The library houses approximately 12,000 books covering the subjects of military and U.S. history, veterans affairs and literature. This wealth of historical information and knowledge is available to the public. Our military unit histories are just one of many collections considered by many to be a major resource.

The library also maintains the archives and current correspondence filing. The minutes of every national meeting and convention have been recorded. The library staff compiles digests for the national meetings, and copies of recent digests can be found in the Digital Archive.

Publications such as booklets, brochures and pamphlets from divisions, commissions and committees are kept indefinitely. Department publications such as newspapers and minutes of meetings are available, but these holdings are not complete. No material can be loaned out of the building.

Contact Information
Library and Museum Director: Howard Trace
Phone: (317) 630-1366