Emil A. Blackmore Museum

The Emil A. Blackmore Museum of The American Legion is located on the fourth floor of National Headquarters in Indianapolis, between the library and the National Executive Committee Room. The museum occupies two rooms: one a display of military and Legion-related items and the other a fine-art gallery. Emil A. Blackmore, the museum's namesake, served as the Legion’s national adjutant from July 1, 1956, until his death on April 21, 1967. Online exhibits based on museum collections are available at legionmuseum.omeka.net.

The delegates at the Legion’s first convention empowered the National Executive Committee “to make suitable provision for the collection of war photographs, equipment and such other paraphernalia of war as would preserve our knowledge of the Great War for all time.” Today, the Emil A. Blackmore Museum honors this tradition by collecting and exhibiting artifacts associated with the history of The American Legion and the wars its members have fought. The museum is free of charge and open to the public weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Museum Collections and Exhibits

  • Lewis Gun, World War II Rifles, and other weapons of war
  • American Legion uniforms and memorabilia
  • American Legion National Convention badges and award medals
  • Military uniforms and gear
  • United States Service Medals and personal decorations
  • Dioramas depicting scenes from World War I, World War II, Vietnam and the War on Terrorism
  • Over 2,500 World War I and World War II posters – more information about our poster collection is available at www.legion.org/posters
  • The original handwritten draft for the 1944 GI Bill of Rights – more information about the GI Bill is available at www.legion.org/education/thelegionrole

Fine Art Gallery

  • Original paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs
  • Featured artists: Howard Chandler Christy, Joe Rosenthal, Wayman Adams, Leon Reni-Mel and many more
  • Pieces include portraits of presidents and prominent military leaders, images of heroism and patriotic works